Raw Milk & Cheese

Raw milk from our Jersey cows is sold in old fashioned glass bottles. Fresh raw milk can be purchased in half gallon bottles along with quarts at our farm store or local retailers. Our milk is used to make several variates of artisanal cheese. Varieties include Pepper Jack Cheddar and Smoked Gouda.

Free-Range Eggs

Our chickens have access all day to free-range. They are able to forage and enjoy the sunlight to their hearts content. This results in darker and creamier yoke with an egg that is flavorful and tasty. Our farm sells regular brown eggs as well as colored eggs (green, blue, and speckled) from a select breed of hens.

Farm-Raised Meats

Baldwin Brook Farm offers our own all natural, grass-fed pork, beef, and whole poultry. The various cuts of meat are sold in our farm store when available. All cuts of meat are individually packaged and vacuumed sealed to preserve the ultimate freshness. Please contact us for availability.